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MIG at a glance

Mahesh Industrial Group (MIG) has been active since 1977. It is not for profit organisation, committed to promote and encourage new age entrepreneurs and be a networking platform for fellow Maheshwari Industrialist. It act as a catalyst in promoting social, economic and industrial development, to encourage and empower industrial and entrepreneurial activities by providing social cum professional forum for interaction among the members.

Exchange of Ideas & thoughts and Interaction with achievers helps MIG members to widen their perspective and develop awareness about macro level domestic & global environment.

MIG has provided a platform for leadership development .Many members of MIG are also active in various spheres of social, educational and cultural life at Pune and have been contributing extensively to various organizations of Maheshwari community.


  • To provide a social forum to all individuals engaged in Industrial and related activities to assemble; exchange thoughts and ideas, extend fellowship and enlarge individual perspective.
  • To promote interactions on social economic and other related issues and matters.
  • To encourage involvement of the members in social, economic, industrial and entrepreneurial activities.
  • To act as Catalyst in promoting activities related to social economic and industrial development of the community.To assist persons engaged in economic and industrial activities to solve their problems and difficulties through mutual interactions.
  • To safeguard the interests of the members.
  • To undertake such activities as are incidental or beneficial to this association and to the members and to the society in general and which may be deemed fit and proper as being incidental and conductive to the attainment of any or all objectives of the association.

Board of Directors 2024 – 2025

Jitendra & Kirti Lakhotia

Mr. Jitendra Lakhotia
Mrs. Kirti Lakhotia

Vijay Jaju

Shri Vijay Jaju

Manoj & Archana Behede

Mr. Manoj Behede
Mrs. Archana Behede

Kohhinoor & Anuradha Indani

Mr. Kohhinoor Indani
Mrs. Anuradha Indani

Sagar & Neelam Sarda

Mr. Sagar Sarda
Mrs. Neelam Sarda

Shyam & Arati Bhutada

Mr. Shyam Bhutada
Mrs. Arati Bhutada

Vice President
Pradeep & Ritu Rathi

Mr. Pradeep Rathi
Mrs. Ritu Rathi

Umesh & Sarita Dhoot

Mr. Umesh Dhoot
Mrs. Sarita Dhoot

Sagar & Poonam Rathi

Mr. Sagar Rathi
Mrs. Poonam Rathi

Aditya & Nidhi Karwa

Mr. Aditya Karwa
Mrs. Nidhi Karwa


Founder Members

Mr. Bhagirathji Tapadiya
Mr. Champalalji Sarda
Mr. Ramkumarji Rathi
Mr. Murlidharji Baldawa
Mr. Durgaprasadji Kasat

Past Presidents & Board

2023 – 2024

Mr. Manoj Behede
Mrs. Archana Behede

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2022 – 2023

Mr. Ashish Dalia
Mrs. Ritu Dalia

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2021 – 2022

Sachin Malpani
Naina Malpani

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2020 – 2021

Nilesh Ladad
Neha Ladad

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2019 – 2020

Mr. Anand Karwa
Mrs. Abha Karwa

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2018 – 2019

Mr. Rahul Dhoot
Mrs. Anjali Dhoot

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2017 – 2018

Mr. Kamlesh Khatod

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2016 – 2017

Mr. Aakash Dahad

2015 – 2016

Mr. Suresh Lakhotia

2014 – 2015

Mr. Dinesh Kothari

2013 – 2014

Mr. Vijay Jaju

2012 – 2013

Mr. Omprakash Kasat

2011 – 2012

Mr. Badrinarayan Somani

2010 – 2011

Mr. Gokul Rathi

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A Symphony, Ground Floor, 210,
Ashok Nagar, Range Hills Road,
Pune – 411020